The New 4 Magic Moves To Winning Golf

Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf

Streak of golf the first step of magic: LaterallyFor hips moving Golf downswing perfectly, you have to move the hips sideways and not in a rotary motion. There are three reasons. Especially if you have hips laterally to the left side of the top of the swing, walk the weight (which was mostly in the right leg). Moves approximately uniform distribution, which, at least, that should influence. Secondly, taking into account the fact of twisted and close coil is higher, each rotation hips behind you. The ball is in the right shoulder top and more. Therefore, if you get down in the Club, you must use from outside to inside. The flanks are color, if you move sideways, but probably does not move laterally if they are simply processed. You can try yourself in position and move your hips links as much as possible. Make no mistake, the sides are what move the shoulders and the Club and began the descent. They are already close to the limit of the new 4 magic moves to winning golf the extension, and you can not stop. In the top of the swing, your hips are slightly to the right, perhaps rotated 45 degrees and move sideways, which quickly begins to turn to the left again. The trick is on the left side to go, until they become. If you ask yourself what is too much, is hopelessly involved. So can questions, how many angels dance on the head of a PIN. Do not worry. Make sure that your hips are distorted and not try to transform it. The third reason for lateral hip hinge, is that the movement, which starts the Club down in the direction of the ball a little rock caused the back. This movement of the hips - and nothing else - provides the initial impetus for the recession. Make no mistake, the sides are what move the shoulders and the Club and began the descent. Golf course Dowswing part 1: the problem. Magic of bad luck moving 1: move the hips. Streak played Magic 2: keep your head back. Bad streak metamorphosis 3: no society of stress at the Golf Club. How does feel. Golf lowering test points. The decline in activity and the golf swing plane. The delay of the insidious hand and how to solve this problem. Wrist position occupied etc.